Snowman, Spades Slick (great contacts and teeth omg) and Problem Sleuth!

I loved these guys so much. They gave me candy corn and a scottie dog and were so friendly ;u;

Apologies for the picture/colour quality. If anyone knows who the other two cosplayers are, please tell me!

Posting because hey Satoru you can answer this right? (Satoru’s Problem Sleuth, and this is stall ASCII! <3) sorry i just have to mention this i’ve been plugging for ages

Whoa, pictures of us! Gosh yes, Problem Sleuth is indeed me (haha omg my face), and Slick is darling phaes here (SHE WAS GREAT WASN’T SHEEE).

Thanks so much for the photo, haha, and for taking the candy when we pushed it onto you ;D. Gosh, were you cosplaying? Thank you for even recognising us pftftftftt

No omg you guys were so cool!! ;A;

And nope, I wasn’t cosplaying. Umm but a John cosplayer came along white I was looking through donation pieces and I bought a Celty print? You probably don’t remember me lol. It was a busy day. :P

NO GOSH I remember you!!!! I don’t think you realise how excited I was to be recognised and have someone stop at the table ;D. Thanks so much for even looking at my dodgy art, and for donating - that money is going to the RSPCA, we want to do what we can.

It was great meeting you, and it’s greater to find you online! Thanks for stopping by, and thanks again for the photo, tee hee.