Hey my friend has uploaded a update to her story!! Its called In Good Company, its Homestuck AU, the main pairing is Dualscar/Piisonic 


In Good Company

Promoting a fic for a friend, its really well written and i think if she got a review or two it might motivate her to write more, so please guys reblog to get this around!!! 

In Good Company

Series: Homestuck

Genre: Multi

Pairings: Dualscar/Piisonic (is the main pairing but they are more to come as the story progress!)

Characters: All the ancestors

Rating: Mature

A Humanstuck Ancestors fic involving backstories, awkward romance, hippies in thai fishing pants, Lawyers with nice butts, trust issues and baked goods. Human names will be used.

Title: In Good Company

Rating: Mature 

Pairings: Dualscar/Pisiionic, Disciple/Signless, Dualscar/Mindfang, Summoner/Mindfang 

Catalogue: AU  

As if the logo, motto and general atmosphere of the Betty Crocker Company was not obscenely charming, the email Peter received that morning was downright adorable. Unfortunately, it’s seemingly welcoming messages only made the knot in his stomach tighter. The fact of the matter was that he didn’t want this job. He didn’t want to be part of this eerily friendly company. Not the very company he had been fighting to shut down.

Promoting my good friend, Megan’s story!! So yeah the story going to evenually include the whole Ancestor cast, so if you interested please read!! 

I have the most weirdest thoughts

You and I by Lady Gaga always reminds me of Mindfang and Summoner

IDK WHY but it would work in a AU? 

just everytime it comes up on itunes, i always think those two 

gdisomeonegivemefanworksofthosetwo;u; sobbfandomwhynot?

Characterisation of the Sufferer

Well first off i will admit that you know that the Ancestor’s personalities have not to set in stone, we don’t know excalty what the ancestors were like personality wise, but i must admit there is one thing that ticks me off about how people Charactisies the Sufferer. 

I dislike how people make him when he was Signless excalty like Karkat. He wasn’t anything LIKE Karkat before his was killed, he was a peaceful troll before he was killed THEN all his rage was release. 

So yeah i just don’t get why people make out the Signless to be so angry and just yeeeeaaaah 

/ends rant now 

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