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“One young girl saying she’s inspired by Batgirl is worth 20 dudes complaining that the costume looks ‘hipster.’”
Cameron Stewart (via superdames)
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Your Anthy cosplay is lovely but a lot of cosplayers of color have spoken out against white cosplayers using makeup to imitate other races.


…Good thing I’m not white?

What is even the point of this ask? Why preface it with a nice compliment if you were going to attack me over an assumption? I’m still wrapping my head around the accusation of imitating a fictional character’s race, and the fact you’re accusing me of using make up to darken my own skin.

For reference, I used a primer in my own skin tone and Benefit’s “Hello Flawless Brightening Suncscreen Make Up”, also in my skin tone. And for the record, I’m an olive skinned Middle Eastern woman.

Please stop policing minorities and groups you don’t belong to and stop the abuse of this call out culture. It does no one any favors, and in this case only alienates and harasses POCs.

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