ok, so i should agologise for the avengers and pride and prejudice spam

but i am not going too

cause that shit is amazing

hell yeaaaaaah 

somebody please stop me

LEN: it's really
LEN: subtle
KUR!MJ4: very
KUR!MJ4: subtle
LEN: yes
LEN: like a ballerina
LEN: ................... ballerina!dirk
LEN: ballerinastuck
LEN: please stop me
LEN: can't you see what's going on
LEN: tho i'm pretty sure it hasn't been done yet
KUR!MJ4: do it
KUR!MJ4: ballerina dirk balancing on the back of maplehoof
LEN: lol kuri
LEN: stop
LEN: this is
LEN: not
LEN: helping
KUR!MJ4: *entices*
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