yo, there is now ponies in my tag and just cakes, can we fill my tag with awesome stuff??? ;D YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO 

#bubblecake #bubblecake #bubblecake 


what i really want right now: a nap

what i can’t have right now: a nap

Do you ever just sit there and get really excited for a cosplay? Like just thinking about it makes you so excited, this is and cosplay Hange right now, omfg. (and all the other characters i wanna cosplay from snk)

iTunes Library Write Up

How many songs: 963

Sort by song title: 
First Song:  A Hopeless Transmission - Coldplay

Last Song: 50 ways to say goodbye - Train

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: (0:08) ~~ SIDE 1 ~~ - Homestuck 
Longest Song: (13:15) Cascade - Homestuck (lmao what up hss)

Sort by album:
First Album: A-Cha - Mr Simple 
Last Album: + (Ed Sheeran lmao)

Top Three Most Played Songs: 
(1) If you only knew - Shinedown 
(2) Radioactive - Imagine Dragon 

(3) Catch Me - TVXQ 

Death: 3
Love: 38
Hate: 3
You: 75 
Sex: 13

(Source: mineftdrake)