Title: In Good Company

Rating: Mature 

Pairings: Dualscar/Pisiionic, Disciple/Signless, Dualscar/Mindfang, Summoner/Mindfang 

Catalogue: AU  

As if the logo, motto and general atmosphere of the Betty Crocker Company was not obscenely charming, the email Peter received that morning was downright adorable. Unfortunately, it’s seemingly welcoming messages only made the knot in his stomach tighter. The fact of the matter was that he didn’t want this job. He didn’t want to be part of this eerily friendly company. Not the very company he had been fighting to shut down.

Promoting my good friend, Megan’s story!! So yeah the story going to evenually include the whole Ancestor cast, so if you interested please read!! 

I have the most weirdest thoughts

You and I by Lady Gaga always reminds me of Mindfang and Summoner

IDK WHY but it would work in a AU? 

just everytime it comes up on itunes, i always think those two 

gdisomeonegivemefanworksofthosetwo;u; sobbfandomwhynot?

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