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Video: [x] Cosplayers: [x] [x] Videographer: [x

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SYDNEY SUPANOVA 2014 // Videographer

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The first of ArtificialDogma’s Sydney SupaNova videos.

See if you can spot yourself!

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A snap from Supanova - We cut Eridan in half!!!


A snap from Supanova - We cut Eridan in half!!!

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So here is my reallly late run down of goldcoastnova!! :D 

- got to meet so many fabolous people! So many people i cannot list them all!
- all the amazing homestuck cosplayers! you guys in QLD are awesome and i wanna come back for brisnova now *u*
- i got to meet Dorkstrider and Strideer fdjgkfgjhfgjh they were both so nice and really cool! 
- Going to Dreamworld at night, was so much fun! Hahaha so glad i was pushed to do wipeout and the claw xD and 10 mins of benedict Cumberbatch’s faaaaaace <3 hmmmm yeeeees
- Meeting Dean O’Gormen, his such a sweetie and he thought was nickname was cute!! *u* 
- Thanks to Ed, Newton, Kee and Jason. It was really nice to finally get to meet you all <3 Rooming with you guys was fun <3
- Biiiiiiiig massive thank you to Blythe for inviting me, holding my hand when i was freaking out about talking to O’Gormen and Dorkstrider, geez i am so laaaame and letting me cosplay with on saturday! *u*

So that’s the wrap! <3 Love you all!

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